Environmental Policy





Plymouth Block Management maintains an Environmental Management System to improve its environmental management and, ultimately, to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations, activities, products, and services.


Within the framework of our Environmental Management System we commit to:


  • Identify materials, processes, products and wastes that cause or may cause pollution, and will implement measures to avoid, reduce or control pollution where technically and economically viable;


  • Identify ways of reducing and ultimately offsetting our carbon footprint and ways in which we can safeguard the environment, both at our offices and within all of the buildings and estates we manage;


  • Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, codes of practice, and other environmental requirements to which Plymouth Block Management subscribes;


  • To achieve and maintain compliance, we will develop and maintain management systems for identifying relevant requirements and for monitoring performance of related activities; and continually enhance and improve the Environmental Management System to ensure that it is appropriate and effective for helping us to achieve our environmental goals;


  • To educate our staff on the alternatives to fossil fuels and to be aware of best driving practices that both conserve fuel and reduce emissions, thereby helping to reduce our carbon footprint;


  • To maintain a good conservative energy policy within our offices and ensure that energy usage is carefully managed on a weekly basis including lighting, heating, computers and general staff energy use;


This policy has been developed by the entire team at Plymouth Block Management and is subject to continued review. All staff members and contractors are bound to abide by the principles in this policy. It is the duty of all Plymouth Block Management employees to ensure this policy is properly displayed at all times and brought to the attention of visitors and contractors.


The Managing Director hereby endorses this policy as of the effective date displayed.








Mark Christie                                                    

Managing Director