Estate Freehold Management Services

Plymouth Block Management recognise the value of well managed estates, we understand the importance of maintaining green space and the roads and paths which lead to these.

Plymouth Block Management have 17 years’ experience in the management of estates, and our close contractors have a combined total of 102 years’ experience of estate/grounds maintenance. This extensive experience and knowledge enables us to provide for all types of site, and all possible needs for your estate.

Plymouth Block Management have and currently work with various grounds maintenance specialists and have good relations with specific companies for a jobs requirement.

Plymouth Block Management offer multiple packages for estate management, and can tailor these to suit the specific site. We can facilitate estate management, grounds management, site management, or even the full management of the property and estate/grounds.

Your site will be assigned a personal Operations Manager for your area, to ensure you continually receive the service/package you require.


If you have any questions, please do contact us via phone (01752 257338) or email (